TIP Trailer Services celebrates its 50th anniversary!

With gratitude to everyone who has supported us, TIP celebrates 50 years in 2018. Enjoy the interview with CEO Bob Fast about the past and the future of TIP. Take a look at our journey. Also, you can find all the related articles about the industry's and TIP's last 50 years.

Did you know?

With the years TIP has developed and evolved. But what are the main milestones? Take a look at our journey from the last 50 years.

Our history

Articles to read

To celebrate this historic way-mark, we published articles related to industry's and TIP's changes in the last 50 years.

Long-Serving Heroes: interview with Theo van Giesen

If your company, like TIP Trailer Services, is celebrating 50 years of existence, it will be challenging to find veterans with the same number of working years. Still, some colleagues are close to it!

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